We Won Again!! Certificate of Excellence 2017

The Safe Room is proud to once again, just like in 2016, announce that we have been awarded by Tripadvisor with the Certificate of Excellence in 2017! We are tremendously proud to receive this award from Tripadvisor. Tripadvisor award is highly regarded, as the organisation is one of the most renowned and highly regarded and consulted by travellers all around the globe for advise on travel related matters such as hotels, destinations and restaurants. Therefore, again, we would like to thank Tripadvisor and all the good travellers and customers of the Safe Room, that took time voluntarily to review us so positively on Tripadvisor, which ultimately awarded us with this prestigious award!

Truly we are honoured! Thank you very much! We hope we would continue to work harder in providing our customers with great service and continue to introduce innovative and tasty products and fantastic cuisine as well as desserts to our beloved clients.

On behalf of the Safe Room team, once again we would like to thank everyone- the customers, the reviewers and Tripadvisors for this award!

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